As much for myself as for anyone else, I decided to take an inventory of tools I’m using on a daily basis.

* Search: Duck Duck Go
* VPS: DigitalOcean
* Email: iCloud and Protonmail (encrypted service)
* RSS: Feedbin
* Music: iTunes
* Cloud storage: iCloud (with a special case uses free Dropbox & Amazon Drive as well)
* Password manager (as a Service): 1Password (family plan)
* Photo storage: iCloud
* Photo editing: Adobe Creative Cloud
* Backups: iCloud for short term, Synology NAS and offsite disks for long term archives
* Entertainment: Netflix, Viki (Asian, mostly Korean, fare), Amazon Prime Video, Plex Pass, Playstation Vue
* VPN: Home VPN + Private Internet Access

Mac/desktop tools
* Main editor: Atom
* IDE for non-Apple work: Atom + PlatformIO plugin
* IDE for Apple stuff: Xcode
* Terminal: iTerm2
* Notes/research: Pocket for short term, Evernote for longer term items, dumped Evernote for Apple’s Notes app
* Planner/Tasks: Things3
* Automation: Keyboard Maestro
* Video tagger: Subler
* Video file ren-naming: FileBot
* Video editor: iMovie
* Live video capture/stream: ScreenFlow + OBS
* Browser: Safari (when that doesn’t work, Chrome)
* System monitor: iStats 6
* Window organization: Divvy (with Mac OS virtual desktops)
* Security: Objective-see tools (BlockBlock etc; I’m a Patreon for these)
* Tracking finances: Banktivity 6
* Backups: Time Machine & Carbon Copy Cloner
* Circuit design: Fitzring
* Mind mapping: MindNode
* Virtualization on my NAS: Docker

* Phone: iPhone X
* Tablet: iPad Pro (10.5″)
* Email: Mail + Protonmail
* Twitter client: I no longer use one and read a few feeds via Feedbin
* Automation: Apple’s Workflow app
* Finances: Banktivity 6 (iPad and iPhone versions)
* Live Photo and Video stitcher upper: Snapthread
* Terminal/SSH: Prompt
* Drawing app for projects: Penultimate
* Weather: mainly Weather Underground but also Dark Sky and Carrot
* Threatening weather: RadarScope & Weather Radio (both from WDT)
* Home automation: iOS Home w/the Homebridge via Docker on my NAS
* Guitar tabs: Tabs HD
* Python: Pythonista
* Tools shared with desktop: Things3, Pocket,Evernote, all the iCloud things and Cloud storage), Adobe Creative Cloud

* MacBook Pro Retina, 13″ (2013 model)
* iMac 21.5″ (2013 model) – for the kids
* Fitness: Apple Watch (version 0 or whatever they call the first one these days)
* NAS/home server: Synology ds416play (Plex server, storage, backups, security cameras, Docker)
* “Smart TVs”: smattering of Apple TV boxes
* Router: Synology RT2600ac
* Gaming consoles: Switch, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii (I have kids…)
* HomeKit home automation with devices from Lutron, Elgato Eve, iHome and Wemo (won’t buy any more Wemo’s though)
* A range of micro controller devices: A few Arduinos, a number of Adafruit Feathers, a couple of Raspberry Pis, etc

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