Another reason I distrust Google so very much

Google will allow you to opt out of them including your home wireless router in their Location Server database. So long as you’re willing to rename your access point by adding “_nomap” to the SSID. Read their privacy counsel’s justification and uttered an involuntary curse. So if you want privacy you have to modify the router and every device that connects to it…

Google intros privacy solution for home routers, forces users to opt out.

Google+ vs. The World

I imagine I’m like most folks. There is no way I have time for 3 or more social networks in my life. And while integration between services and the ability to “cross post” helps me keep more than one somewhat up-to-date the reality is the differences amongst the social services is so large this simple approach is fundamentally flawed.

Google+ has potential. One of the biggest needs is to quickly get a critical mass of users (hey, that means YOU need to join). If that happens and Twitter indeed starts cramming ads down my throat in the timelines I’m sure Twitter will be the one I drop (keeping FaceBook as well).

This summer, Twitter ads will get harder to ignore