Some things I’m working on now…


  • I’ve founded my third company. It’s so stealth even I don’t know yet what I’ll do with it.
  • Blogging/personal presence overhaul – I decided to use‘s apps and cross-posting feature but to actually host my blog via WordPress on my VPS. I’m not very happy with how my blog looks and am trying to muster up the energy to muck with WordPress again.
  • I’ve stopped posting to Twitter and Facebook. For a few key Twitter users (e.g. finance, kids’ schools) I use Feedbin to pull in the content.


  • Parenting… one of those lifelong learning journeys
  • Now that our daughter is a high school freshman I’ve started learning about college costs and financial aid.
  • Continuing to research and update our family tree/ancestry. I’ve made a ton of progress but there are some annoying dead ends. Some day soon I’d like to document some highlights from our family tree for our kids/descendants.
  • I’m building a coconut shredding bench for my wife.
  • I’ve recently learned to sharpen knives on a whetstone. It was much easier than I expected.
  • Trying to recover from plantar faciitis which is seriously hindering my exercise routine – looks like this will take a couple of weeks to resolve. This still isn’t completely healed. But 9 months later it is finally only a minor annoyance.
  • Continuing my (life long) efforts to eat better and exercise more. My biggest challenge is exercising largely due to the plantar fasciitis.
  • Working to be more patient
  • Contemplating my priorities for giving and volunteering – I recently recommitted to one of my non-profit interests. I also am going to get my daughter involved in some volunteer activities.

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