I never preorder games. So often they just don’t live up to the promises. However.. I just preordered Fallout 76. I’m not sold on their focus on team plan/PvP in this version but from what I’ve seen I’ll manage to waste hours and hours of time one way or another.

Entering a new phase of parental stress: our 14 year old daughter has a date for the homecoming dance. So now there is a different kind of dance as we start to talk to his parents, figure out what to wear, are they going to dinner first, transportation. We need to be a “how to”.

Today just went south: Windows 10 on our iMac (run via boot camp) installed an update this morning. My son later rebooted into macOS and that now fails. Safe mode won’t boot either. Windows still boots fine. 🤬😱😭

Yes I have multiple backups👍🏼 But this is still painful.🤯🤮🤐

My Micro Monday is @pratik. Maybe I should say it’s because his son is an award winning martial artist? 🤔

Just kidding. His son is awesome but the posts are worth reading/viewing no matter the subject.

The fact Facebook is creating a “portal” device for video chatting over Messenger shows me just how out of touch I must be with a huge chunk of the population. The demographic data justifying this device would be enlightening.

//@adders, @burk