Another reason I distrust Google so very much

Google will allow you to opt out of them including your home wireless router in their Location Server database. So long as you’re willing to rename your access point by adding “_nomap” to the SSID. Read their privacy counsel’s justification and uttered an involuntary curse. So if you want privacy you have to modify the router and every device that connects to it…

Google intros privacy solution for home routers, forces users to opt out.

Find My Friends on iOS 5 – will you trust it?


Ars Technica has a post up on the new (free) “Find my Friends” app for iOS 5 – and it is very well done as is their norm. And it shows once again how Apple is taking user privacy much more seriously than Google.


I have been unwilling to use Google’s Latitude but the level of control in Apple’s app is enough to make me comfortable. Will I use it? I’m not so sure about that simply because I don’t see a benefit from doing so. Even with “local” friends close usually means 30 minutes or more apart. I’ll probably try it out for awhile as an experiment.




Hands-on: Find My Friends is Apple’s “Google Latitude”.

Amazon’s anxiously awaited tablet is here


The price and specs mentioned on Amazon Kindle Fire – Full Color Kindle with 7″ Multi-Touch Display, Wi-Fi are indeed impressive. The price came in a bit lower than I expected. A real verdict will have to wait for detailed hands-on reviews but as I mentioned in this prior post I believe the Fire will be the second highly successful tablet. In fact it should outsell iPads unless Apple comes up with a lower priced model soon. I definitely see this as a candidate tablet for my kids. It’s bound to be on a ton of Christmas lists…


Google+ vs. The World

I imagine I’m like most folks. There is no way I have time for 3 or more social networks in my life. And while integration between services and the ability to “cross post” helps me keep more than one somewhat up-to-date the reality is the differences amongst the social services is so large this simple approach is fundamentally flawed.

Google+ has potential. One of the biggest needs is to quickly get a critical mass of users (hey, that means YOU need to join). If that happens and Twitter indeed starts cramming ads down my throat in the timelines I’m sure Twitter will be the one I drop (keeping FaceBook as well).

This summer, Twitter ads will get harder to ignore

I’m ready and willing but…


… Sarah Perez’s op-ed on ReadWriteWeb pretty well sums up why I don’t have any Android devices yet. They seem to perpetually be behind Apple, for my use cases (and maybe not yours), and about the time they’re close Apple leaps ahead again. I’ve used an iPhone for several years now and, if for no other reason than a constant desire for change, would like to change platforms. The rumors regarding a new iPhone seem to point to only a modest update later this year. If so that may be enough for Android to do some major catching up and finally make me consider a change. On the other hand in the tablet space I think Apple is so far ahead I don’t see anyone catching them in the next 12 months. And maybe therein lies the cause of the predicted modest update to the iPhone – Apple could be pouring the resources into rapid innovation of the iPad instead.


Consumers Don’t Want Prototypes (They Want iPads).