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Why I disagree with this review of Apple’s Airport Extreme

I can’t completely agree with this review for one simple reason: my Airport Extreme does not run hot. In fact it is quite cool even though it is installed in a small equipment cabinet.

More seriously I think the review sums up my pre-purchase thinking and after-purchase result. The Extreme has been rock solid since I installed it while providing very good performance to a mixed network of Macs, Wintels, AppleTVs, DirecTVs, iPhones etc. connected using different speeds of WiFi and Ethernet (via various hubs). It is not the most feature-rich but does everything I need and more. Administratively the main complaint I have is it isn’t easy to get a list of active devices. Since that’s not something I need to do often it’s a feature I can easily live without.

Being a techie there are times I love to tinker and reconfigure devices but now that I have a whole family, and family of devices, constantly on the internet I simply want a router that “works” and the Extreme fits the bill perfectly.

Is the AirPort Extreme worth the price?.

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