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$300 for a GoogleTV? Not for my demographic

Logitech announced their GoogleTV device – pretty clear they are aiming for a different market than Apple is with the AppleTV. I like the keyboard but overall this device at this price point is something I would not have considered. It will definitely appeal to the techie and tinkering crowd more than the AppleTV does.

Further update on my AppleTV experience – took less than a week to be asked “can we have this on the other TVs too?”. Another pleasant surprise – Netflix has a number of Thai language action movies.

Logitech Revue With Google TV.

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  1. I agree. I had a Mini on the TV for awhile and really the family had no interest in web browsing, email etc and a keyboard just doesn’t fit in our family room.

  2. At that price I’d be just as tempted to put a computer by the tv and get the addtional functionality from it liek playing my music…