My initial App Store downloads. I have a couple of pages for this date.

The 1Password folks are denying acquisition talks with Apple are under way. I hope they stay independent. @vishae

I downloaded the Signal app on my iPhone. Not sure what I’m going to do with it though!

States visited so far on this summer’s road trips 🗺: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Woke up to thunder this morning. A good excuse to grab a coffe and enjoy the storm out the window. 📷

I’m trying to be a responsible adult. But this is the only place I allow myself a pina colada🍹 . The chiclets are enjoying their age-appropriate strawberry daiquiris – the best anywhere we have ever been. We tried making them using the same mix at home. Just isn’t the same!

And a not-so-obligatory version of the fireworks 💥 shot. Our hotel really put on a great show. Quite impressed.

Sitting on our hotel balcony as a storm rolls in reminds me of the only thing I miss about living in an apartment: sitting on our balcony as a storm rolls in 🤓